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Today's air pollution affects the environment and causes serious illnesses.


Regardless of whether you are outside or inside the building, you cannot avoid exposure to toxic dust.


To avoid the dangers that can affect your (apartment / house) health, we present you the room air cleaner that collects the smallest dust.

(PM 2.5 = dust particles that are 2.5 micrometers small) and cleans and keeps your rooms fresh.

Air purifiers can remove the following pollutants and dust particles !!

•   House dust

•   Particulate matter

•   pollen

•   Animal hair

•   Mould

•   smells, cigarette smoke

•   chemicals

•   bacteria and viruses

4 steps to achieve perfect indoor air!

Step 1 

PP filter: filters hair or dust with a size of 50 microns.

Step 2 

 HEPA 2.5 PM: filters out smoke, pollen, PM2.5 and general smoke.

Step 3 

Carbon filter: filters out odors, bacteria, viruses, mold.

Step 4 

The anonia system releases negative anonia in order to collect and clean small dust in the air.


Product details 

Model: IG-002 

For room size (sqm): 30-50 

Filter type: PP prefilter + HEPA + carbon filter with anion function

Can filter small particles down to PM 2.5 

CADR fresh air transfer rate (CFM) (m3 / h): 180

Air circulation: 51-300 m3 

Cleaning efficiency at (%): 99.7 

PM 2.5 detection 

Control air quality in real time 

Anion function 

Auto mode 

Fan speed & sleep mode

Timer set up (2/4/6/8 / hours) 

Low noise: <40 DB 

Voltage: 220V / 1Ph / 50Hz 

Power: 45W 

Weight (kg): 5.5 

Dimensions: (cm): 36 W x 16 D x 57 H 

Warranty (year): 1 

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